The World and Our Children

Written by: Galina Malkin, Hanna Mitsel

Translated by: Yevgeniy Malkin

The World and Our Children

It’s happened! We stand over the cradle of our newborn with a mixed feeling of pride, adoration and awe. We have become unlike God, creating this little miracle in our own image. Now he will grow up and live out our hopes and our dreams – everything, for which we have worked so hard our whole life. He will undoubtedly be happy, healthy and successful. We will do everything to ensure this, and most importantly we will provide him with an excellent education, since that will be the basis for his future success.

It is at this moment, that we need to wake up from our dreams and figure out how and what our child should learn in order to be successful in our constantly changing world. Think about it – not so long ago, a computer with a 200Mb hard drive was considered huge, golf carts were only available at country clubs, the iPhone didn’t exist, and China was only a source of cheap labor. Today, those facts bring a smile to our face. The speed of progress and change in our life is so great and the information and knowledge change so often, that no modern education system is able to keep up with the challenges of everyday life. What will happen next? How do we live and what do we teach our children in the modern, constantly-changing, constantly-improving world?

Tomorrow, the winner will be the one who imagines tomorrow’s world today. But can we really learn to imagine tomorrow’s world?

TRIZ (the Theory for Solving Innovative Problems) says: yes! This system allows people to develop creative thinking, learn to solve non-standard innovative problems, and predict, imagine and create that world of tomorrow.

The specialists of Guided Brainstorming, LLC have over 30 years of experience with TRIZ – studying the theory and developing its applications in various fields of industry. Their methodology GB TRIZ has already been successfully implemented in the USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Colombia. Since 2010, GB LLC has been working on a new segment of its methodology titled “GB for Kids”, where the methodology is adapted for children at the preschool and elementary school levels.

At this age, children’s talents are born, and it is imperative to help their talents blossom. Guided Brainstorming offers classes in its GB for Kids program, where children learn through a system of themed games, tales, short cartoons and other creative elements combined with segments of physical activity. The goal of the sessions is the development of physical and mental flexibility, adaptability, systematic thinking, as well as promoting creative, imaginative and innovative thinking.

Every class is a search: with the help of specially prepared game scenarios, children learn to define problems, analyze relationships and causes, find solutions independently, and using the systematic approach.

In order to stimulate non-traditional thinking, the methodology makes the students find contradictory attributes of every element in the problem – usefulness and harm; good and bad. Resolving these resolutions is the key to solving the problem. For this purpose, GB developed the tools of TRIZ – inventive principles, which children learn to use in these classes.

An important aspect of the methodology is the ability to think in functions, rather than the objects that perform them. Why is this so important? Imagine that we go back in time 30 years and we are working on improving and perfecting the design of car to make it better for grocery shopping. We want to make it bigger, faster, and comfortable – since the groceries won’t get home on their own. However, it is now 30 years later, and we can do all our grocery shopping online. We no longer need a car to do it. This is where another TRIZ concept emerges – ideality. An ideal system doesn’t physically exist, but still performs the function. Children enjoy learning about the world in this non-standard way.

The GB for Kids program helps children form a systematic view of the world, functional thinking, striving for ideality in the solutions they create, the ability to resolve contradictions, and the skill of using inventive principles.

To improve the effectiveness of the learning process, the GB for Kids program uses alternating physical and thinking segments in order to maintain focus throughout the class. The physical activity in classes is represented through the basic elements of Choi Kwang Do – a modern martial art developed using the modern studies in the fields of physiology and biomechanics. The movements of this martial art stimulate brain activity and healthy body development, as well as teaching a practical method of self-defense. The philosophy of Choi Kwang Do is based on the concepts of Optimum Health, Practical Self-Defense, and Personal Development and promotes perfecting oneself, respecting others, self-discipline and self-confidence.

The Guided Brainstorming specialists believe that every child is innately talented, and our common goal is to teach that child to confidently look to the future, see the perspectives of tomorrow and create the world, in which he or she will live.