An article written and presented by Len Kaplan at TRIZCON 2017. The article talks about the problems of institutionalization of creative systems within large corporate structures and the possible means of overcoming them.

An article presented at TRIZCON 2017 describing the modern developments of Guided Brainstorming. The article includes a comparative analysis of GB methodology and classical TRIZ. 

This article is about the GB for Kids program developed by the specialists at Guided Brainstorming LLC. Written by: Galina Malkin, Hanna Mitsel Translated by: Yevgeniy Malkin


Problem Solving Drill Reference Book

Problem-solving Drill is aimed at development of abilities and skills in revealing Resources, Idea generation and Solution Development. These skills are necessary to participate efficiently in Guided Brainstorming facilitated sessions. Each section develops one skill and comprises of the minimum theory, exercises and Trainer's Guidelines.

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This book is recommended as a quick reference guide for individuals who have studied the system of inventive principles developed by Guided Brainstorming LLC to use and facilitate work on small and medium scale projects. 

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