Consulting projects

Guided Brainstorming LLC has a vast experience of successful project consulting, development and implementation in a variety of fields of industry. These projects have shown that our methodology, unlike classical TRIZ, is applicable to virtually any business in any industry of any size and leads to great improvement in the client's products and services. Click here for a consise list of our past clients.

The most effective way to implement our methodology is to conduct a Sample Project Workshop using the client's actual problem. During this workshop, a group of experts is certified as GB TRIZ Practitioners and is then able to use the methodology in their everyday work and participate in other projects. One or two participants are certified as GB TRIZ Professionals and can lead complex projects. Guided Brainstorming also provides additional training for participants who have completed GB TRIZ Practitioner and Professional trainings to further certify them as GB TRIZ Facilitators. At that certification level, they are able to train and certify others to the GB TRIZ Practicioner or Professional levels at their companies. Furthermore, they can successfully use their training to plan further business development in the company and facilitate complex projects.

Our methodology has been successfully implemented in the following areas:

  1. Innovative Problem Solving
  2. Product Concept Development
  3. Capital Efficiency Improvement
  4. Business Process Redesign
  5. Intellectual Property Enhancement and Protection
  6. Business Strategy Development
  7. Root Cause Analysis

Certification Program

The first level of GB TRIZ certification. Teaches participants to solve well-defined problems and to work as a group on complex problems under the guidance of a GB TRIZ Facilitator. Includes GB Light™ software.
The next level of training after GB TRIZ Practitioner. Participants are taught to define and solve complex problems and guide a project using GB Pro™ software.
This is the next level of certification after GB Professional. In this course, participants learn an increasingly thorough understanding of the Guided Brainstorming™ methodology and philosophy. GB Facilitators develop their own training programs for GB Practitioner and GB Professional training levels based on already existing ones. Facilitators will possess the capability to guide projects of any complexity and train groups of individuals to continue the culture of innovation in their company or field. By completing this training, an individual also becomes a distributor of the Guided Brainstorming™ methodology and software.
A training program designed for educators and parents. Equivalent to the GB Practitioner certification level. Teaches the participants to design courses geared toward helping children develop their creative and innovative thinking.


A project guidance software for problems of all levels of complexity. Recommended for Guided Brainstorming™ TRIZ Professionals and above.
An idea generation and evaluation software for well-defined problems. Can be used as a companion software with GB Pro™. Recommended for Guided Brainstorming™ TRIZ Practitioner and above.
This software is analogous to GB Light™ and is only available in Japanese.
A portable reference guide for the System of Inventive Principles. This mobile app allows the user to generate ideas and send them via e-mail on the go.