Guided Brainstorming™ TRIZ Professional

The GB Professional certification is the second course in the GB program.

A certified GB Professional is able to:

  1. Understand the strategic goals of the client (company), as well as their connection to the tactical tasks of the project.
  2. Participate in any format of GB projects, under the leadership of a GB Facilitator. Projects may include: development prognosis for a company, product, or service; finding and eliminating root causes of problems; solving defined problems; etc.
  3. Analyze a complex, but localized (not a general one), problem situation and formulate a clearly stated problem with a key, variable function.
  4. Work, under the leadership of a GB Facilitator, in a team of client’s experts during the process of generating ideas and concepts to achieve the project goal.
  5. Participate in the planning process for concept implementation.

Course overview:

The course consists of 20 lecture hours (8 web-conferences, 2 hours each, over the course of 4 weeks) and mandatory independent work. The independent work will be reviewed by the instructors. Throughout the course, participants may ask additional questions and receive individual consultation (up to 20 hours of consultations).

Course content:

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Defining the Project Objective

  1. GB Project Information gathering
  2. Define the criteria for evaluating solutions
  3. Problem situation analysis
    • Defining the problem that needs resolving
    • Drawing connections between the problem and the company’s strategic objectives
    • Defining the stages of problem solutions, sorted by difficulty of implementation
2 hrs.

Building Function Models

  1. Types of Function Models
  2. Function Model building techniques
  3. Analysis and correction of Function Models
  4. Formulate Opportunities
    • Stage of problem solutions selection
    • Selecting strategically oriented opportunities for solutions
4 hrs.

Modifiable Resource Analysis (resources directly involved in performing the selected functions – they need to be modified to solve the Problem)

  • Isolate the resources involved in performing the selected functions (preparatory step for working with the System of Inventive Principles)
2 hrs.
4Proficient use of the System of Inventive Principles4 hrs.

Developing Conceptual Solutions

  1. Three techniques of concept developmment
  2. Concept evaluation based on preset criteria
  3. Principles of Soluution Selection for implementation
2 hrs.

Methods of Strenngthening Solutions

  1. Solve subsequent problems
  2. Find useful, available resources (latent resources than can be used to implement the solution).
1 hr.
7Solution Implementation Plan
  1. Finding or modifying the necessary resources to implement the solution.
  2. Performing the necessary work (System/Situation modification) to implement the solution.
  3. If necessary:
    • Solution scaling
    • Providing assurances for the use of the implemented solution
1 hr.
8Organizing GB Projects in accordance with the structure and capabilities of the GB ProTM Software
  1. GB ProTM proficiency
  2. Tutorial for the interactive GB Project Template
2 hrs.
9Individual Project presentation2 hrs.


Course Prerequisites: Successful completion and certification of the GB Practitioner course.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive an international “GB TRIZ Professional” Certificate.

The GB Pro™ software is included in the price of the course for further use of the certified GB Professionals.

Individual certification cost: $ 4,005 + $ 872 = $ 4,877
Group certification (10 participants): $ 10,013 + $ 4,360 = $ 14,373 ($1,437 per person)
Cost for multiple groups of 10 participants is negotiable on a case by case basis.

- USD $4,877.00 (Personal training - group rates available)


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