Guided Brainstorming™ TRIZ Practitioner

The GB Practitioner certification is the first course in the GB program.
A certified GB Practitioner is able to:
  1. Independently solve a well-defined problem, in which the key variable function has been defined and selected.
  2. Propose original ideas and concepts for completing a specific task.
  3. Effectively work in a team under the guidance of a GB Facilitator.

Course overview:

The course consists of 16 lecture hours (8 web conferences, 2 hours each, over the course of 4 weeks) and mandatory independent work. The independent work will be reviewed by the instructors. Throughout the course, participants may ask additional questions and receive individual consultation (up to 16 hours of consultations).

Course Content:

#Training DescriptionTime
1The Basics and processes of the Guided Brainstorming methodology2 hrs.
2Challenge statement formulation2 hrs.
3Learning to use the GB Light™ software2 hrs.
4Defining and separating systems and their functions2 hrs.
5Finding available and hidden resources in a system2 hrs.
6Idea Generation: modifying resources using the GB System of Inventive Principles2 hrs.
7Building original, implementable solutions2 hrs.
8Individual Project work2 hrs.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive an international “GB TRIZ Practitioner” Certificate.

The GB Light™ software is included in the price of the course for further use of the certified GB Practitioners.

Pricing Options:

Individual certification cost: $3,204 + $143 = $3,347
Group certification (10 participants): $8,010 + $1,430 = $9,440 ($944 per person)
Cost for multiple groups of 10 participants is negotiable on a case by case basis.
A Student discount of 50% is available on all software and course pricing. (Proof required)

- USD $3,347.00 (Personal Training - group rates available)


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