Guided Brainstorming Companion™ software

GBC™ is intended for:

  • Brainstorming facilitators to increase efficiency of brainstorming sessions by guiding them with a System of Inventive Principles.

  • TOC, Lean, Six Sigma facilitators who want to increase problem solving abilities of their teams and deliver better results.

  • Innovation and problem solving trainers and coaches seeking a collection of mini-cases to support their courses.

  • All those individuals that want to advance their personal creativity, inventiveness and problem solving abilities.


GBC™ includes the following features:

  • Challenge definition instructions.

  • Opportunity formulation instructions.

  • System of Inventive Principles with more than three hundred detailed (challenge->opportunity->idea->concept) examples of their implementation.

  • Ability to capture notes and ideas.

  • One hour e-learning of the Guided Brainstorming™ Process Basics


What you can expect to do differently with GBC™:

  • Use GBC™ software to resolve relatively simple inventive problems by applying Inventive Principles.

  • Evaluating and combining ideas into workable solution concepts.

  • Identifying and resolving subsequent problems.

  • Participate in complex projects under the supervision of a Guided Brainstorming™ facilitator


This software is available in Japanese only.

 Floating Web license (Japanese): USD $98.00 plus $14.30 annual maintenance fee


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