GB Pro™

GB Pro™ is a professional tool that allows users to solve complex problems with hidden cause-effect conditions. In addition, the software has the ability to facilitate, organize, and manage a team of experts working on a project. GB Pro™ is also an irreplaceable tool in training GB Practitioners.

We recommend GB Pro™ for:

  • GB Facilitators
  • GB Professionals
  • Project managers
  • TRIZ experts
  • Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma managers
  • Individuals working with complex projects

GB Pro™ features (click on screenshots to enlarge):

Project Management:

  • Create and set project name and time frame
  • Add and manage team members
  • Toolbar allows import/export files from/to team members, as well as adding information about the project by importing files from Microsoft Word and Excel.


Function modeling:

  • Function modeling tool allows users to build a detailed model of their project system, using input from all team members
  • Individual functions are easy to select and assign to team members for idea generation. Just click on a function, assign a member and export to GB Light™.


Idea generation/evaluation:

  • Independent idea generation in GB Pro
  • Import/export ideas from team members using GB Light™ 
  • Evaluate ideas based on feasibility, time, and cost



Concept development:

  • Idea selection for use in concepts
  • Idea editing for specific concepts
  • List of selected ideas of a specific concept
  • Concept list



Concept evaluation:

  • Custom criteria selection with ability to add a weighted scale
  • Concept evaluation using custom criteria
  • Final list of concept ideas



Action Plan:

  • View and edit list of ideas and concepts into a plan of implementation
  • Generate a project report in Microsoft Word format




Available in English, Russian, and Spanish.

Price: USD $872.00


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