The ABCs of Creativity™

Being an educator is a constant creative process. Aside from being professionally competent, a modern educator also needs to possess flexible, fluid and systematic thinking. Living and working in our modern age of information requires the ability to creatively learn, interpret, and create new information. Constant improvement and development of the creative potential of educators is essential in helping them successfully navigate the enormous volume of modern innovative technologies, methodologies, and programs, not to mention the increase of their professional skills.

Guided Brainstorming™ LLC developed a special program, The ABCs of Creativity™, geared towards parents and educators, which helps develop creativity for children and adults.

The ABCs of Creativity™ is one of the modern methods of child education. Completing this course will help educators develop learning materials and lessons for preschool and elementary school children. Mastering this methodology will give you the tools for helping children develop their creative selves, learn to think systematically, understand the underlying processes of a system, understand the unity and contradictions of the world around them, and the ability to solve their own problems.

The course includes:

  • elements of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
  • basics of systematic analysis
  • development of functional thinking
  • GB Light™ Software

The course requires daily coursework scheduled on an individual basis.

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