Ella's Stars
MAKE ENGLISH TEXT Ella's Stars («Звёзды Эллы») — Русско-американский дневной детский центр в Мичигане, США. Ella's Stars и Guided Brainstorming сотрудничают в разработке и внедрении программы творческого развития детей дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста.
Value Innovation, LLC
Value Innovation has a cooperation agreement with Guided Brainstorming, LLC, and has worked on a number of client projects over the years with them. Value Innovation's John Borza continues to work closely with Sergey and Galina Malkin to improve the teaching methods and materials of GB TRIZ.
Neville Clarke
Neville Clarke is an International Management Consultancy firm specializing in Business Process Improvement related consultancy and training services; with offices in 8 countries - United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Korea. Neville Clarke has been working with Guided Brainstorming since 2012.
SANNO is a consulting firm, having approximately century-old history, and is well known for its excellent various management trainings and consulting programs. We  have  started our business as a pioneer of consulting service in Japan, and  today SANNO provides "Solution" to our clients in order to respond to the diverse needs of contemporary global society. TRIZ is one of the best solutions. We  offer  TRIZ seminars and consulting to help you develop and manufacture competitive, creative, and innovative products. SANNO has been successfully working with Guided Brainstorming LLC since 2010.
Gleiser Consulting
Gleiser Consulting is a company based in Colombia and Canada. They have been working with Guided Brainstorming in developing our methodology, training materials and software for Spanish speaking clients. They have helped promote the GB methodology in Colombia.
TRIZ-TIGR is a Technology Innovation Group based in Novosibirsk, Russia, providing TRIZ-based consulting to establish innovative environments for their client companies. TRIZ-TIGR is an active promoter of the GB methodology in the Russian market.
Concept Form
Concept-Form is a research and development group based in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Since 2011, they have been working with GB to develop new software products.
TRIZ-Expert is a consulting group specializing in solving creative, nonstandard problems; teaching the tools of TRIZ and distributing software. TRIZ-Expert has been working with Guided Brainstorming for many years promoting and distributing our methodology and software in the Russian market.
Solutions Engine
An Israel based company that worked with Guided Brainstorming to improve the GB methodology and software. Actively participated in developing the new set of inventive principle currently used in all our software.
People & Business Advantage
A Costa Rica based consulting company specializing in innovation and execution of business strategies in their local market as well as internationally. They are the representatives and distributors of the GB methodology and software in Costa Rica.
The Altshuller Institute
A non-profit organization that exists to benefit current TRIZ practitioners as well as the promotion of TRIZ worldwide. Guided Brainstorming is one of the companies that works with the Altshuller Institute to promote and popularize TRIZ around the world.