This year’s TRIZCON, an annual TRIZ conference organized by the Altshuller Institute (USA), was hosted in Atlantic City, New Jersey from October 3 through October 5.
The conference included 25 participants representing six countries. Despite the small size of the group, the conference was very interesting and included serious discussions regarding TRIZ theory, practice, and education.
Prior to the conference, Isak Bukhman conducted a 5-day seminar in TRIZ basics.
The first day of the conference was dedicated to 2-hour learning seminars on the following topics:


The conference included presentations from a few specially invited keynote speakers:

  1. Prof. Runhua Tan, Professor in the school of mechanical engineering (1996- ), Director in the National Engineering Research Center (2013- ), Vice-President of Hebei University of technology (1999 - )
  2. Olaf Weber, a visionary thinker and change maker in education. He founded his first STEM education company SOMALES in 2007.
  3. Prof. Dietrich Balzer, Former Rector of the Technical University of Leipzig. Holder of the Chair for process control technology at the Technical University of Leipzig

In addition, the participants of the conference presented various developments in the field of TRIZ:

  • Combining Patent Forward Citation and TRIZ, Analysis by C. Marques and M.Fonseca
  • Philosophy of Theory of Tech Systems Evolution, by Viesturs Tamuzs, Yuliy Murashkovsky
  • Solving a Hundred Year Old Problem, by Zinovy Royzen
  • TRIZ-It’s All Around Us-----Part 2!, by Jack Hipple
  • Advice for Working with Students, by Jurgis Murashkovsky
  • Lessons Learned Introducing TRIZ in a Creativity and Innovation course, by Tim Schweizer
  • Creative Imagination Development, by Isak Bukhman
  • Exile of the Six-winged Seraph, by Len Kaplan
  • GB System of Inventive Principles, by Galina Malkin, Len Kaplan, and Yevgeniy Malkin
  • Theory of Talented Thinking (TTT), by Yuliy Samoilovich Murashkovsky
  • Improved Method for Drawing Functional Diagrams on the Computer, by Don Coates
  • The 40 Principles, by Richard Kaplan

The second day of the conference included a Panel Discussion on “The Future of Education in the Light of TRIZ and AI.”
GB LLC was represented at the conference by two presentations:

  1. Exile of the Six-winged Seraph, by Len Kaplan (Article link HERE)
  2. GB System of Inventive Principles, by Galina Malkin, Len Kaplan, and Yevgeniy Malkin (Article link HERE)