“Locomotora de la Innovación para Empresas” Bogota, Colombia 2014

In January, 2014 Guided Brainstorming LLC(GB) won the tender for participation in the “Locomotora de la Innovación para Empresas” sponsored by the government agency Colciencias in Colombia. As part of this project, GB was to provide consulting services, training and project guidance for 20 small and medium sized companies. The companies were previously chosen by Colciencias to have projects in the field of innovation. During our work with the companies, GB was to evaluate the projects, guide the team through the idea generation stage and help them create an action plan for the project's implementation. Five highly qualified experts participated in this project: Sergey Malkin, Galina Malkin, John Borza, Andrius Zilenas, and Yuri Danilovsky. The project was successfully completed on October 1, 2014. As a result, 147 individuals were certified as GB TRIZ Practitioners, four individuals were certified as GB TRIZ Facilitators, and eighteen of the participating companies received grants totaling $1,800,000US from Colciencias to implement their innovative projects. The list of participating companies can be found here.