This year’s TRIZCON, an annual TRIZ conference organized by the Altshuller Institute (USA), was hosted in Atlantic City, New Jersey from October 3 through October 5.

Guided Brainstorming LLC is proud to announce the release of the Russian version of our GB Light™ software.

Happy New Year!!! Starting this year, Guided Brainstorming will be opening GB Club. This will be an online community for TRIZ experts and practitioners to share knowledge and experience. Every week, we will be posting an example of one of our Inventive Principles. For each principle, we invite our members to submit their own interesting examples, the best of which will be posted on the club page. We hope you will enjoy participating in this community.

We welcome you to register on our club page by clicking here.

As of March 17, 2015, Guided Brainstorming™ is offering a new training course for educators and parents called The ABCs of Creativity™. The goal of the course is to teach effective methods of helping children develop creative and innovative thinking.

On January 15, 2014, Guided Brainstorming won the tender to participate in the “Locomotora de la Innovación para Empresas” project in Bogota, Colombia sponsored by the governmental agency Colciencias.

In 2011, Guided Brainstorming LLC, working together with TRIZ specialists from Russia, Lithuania, and Belarus, participated in the contest