Intellectual Property Enhancement and Protection

One of the implementations of our methodology is Intellectual Property Enhancement and Protection. This allows to quickly and effectively find a large number of new, unusual ideas, allowing to strengthen the patent portfolio and, if necessary, bypass the patents of the competitors. Research of an enormous number of patent information shows, that most patents cover only 15% of the newly created resources. The remaining 85% represent the money left on the table for the competitors. 


The most effective way for your experts to become familiar with the methodology is through completing Sample Projects, assisted by experienced TRIZ specialists and accompanying GB Software. This combination leads to a significant increase in the quantity and quality of ideas. For well-defined problems, it is enough to complete the GB TRIZ Practitioner™ certification.

First, we build a function model of the patent. This model reveals the hidden compromises that are included in the patent. Next, we use the Guided Brainstorming Idea Generation, utilizing the GB system of Inventive Principles, which reveal alternative means of performing functions. This method ensures the interaction of the inventor and the patent lawyer and allows to properly and intelligently file for a patent.



One of the leading automotive industry suppliers in Michigan hired us to analyze and find recommendations for bypassing a patent, which was blocking the release of a new product. After meeting with the experts and patent lawyers of the client, we performed the following steps.


Step 1 - We built a function model of the competitor patent.


Step 2 - We determine the functions and opportunities for the bypass.

3 basic opportunities:

  • Improve useful functions
  • Eliminate existing harmful functions
  • Resolve contradictions between useful and harmful functions

Step3 - Working with the experts, we conducted 4 idea generation sessions. Over 60 ideas were proposed for developing a new product.


Step 4 - Idea Evaluation.

Ideas were selected using criteria for avoiding the blocking competitor patent:

  • Significantly change the parameters of the function (moving outside the patent limitations)
  • Eliminate the element, which performs a function
  • Eliminate the necessity for performing the function
  • New action principle


Step 5 - A new patent concept, belonging to the client, is created:


Using the method for Intellectual Property Enhancement and Protection, you can:

  • Protect your intellectual property - transform a new invention into a strong patent umbrella
  • Control complexity - transform patent language into a model, revealing the essense of the invention
  • Create a competitive advantage - bypass competition and protect your position with a strong "patent fence"


Contact us or one of our partners to find out more information about our methodology and receive further details about the various cooperation opportunities.