Guided Brainstorming LLC would like to recognize the work and contributions of the following individuals, without whom our success would not be possible.


John Borza, PE, AVS, Certified GB TRIZ Leader

John is the President of ValueInnovation, LLC and a certified GB Leader. He has been involved in creativity and innovation as an Engineer and Manager for over 35 years.  During that time, he established and led the Systems Engineering Group, implemented GB TRIZ at TRW, and adapted TRIZ for VE and 6-Sigma problem solving.
John worked diligently with Sergey Malkin to generate many of the examples used to illustrate the Inventive Principles in the GB TRIZ System of Inventive Principles, as well as generating the Help screens for the software, contributing to editing and performing proof reading duties for the GB TRIZ software programs (mobile, GBLight, and GBPro) and instructional presentations. He also actively participated in the GB project in Colombia in 2014. 


  Gregory Frenklach, Certified GB TRIZ Leader

Gregory Frenklach is a TRIZ expert with more than twenty five years of problem solving experience in various fields of technology such as microelectronics, medical devices, precise mechanics and roborics, etc.
He has developed a number of TRIZ based innovation methods, a TRIZ based software ("Inventor Assistant"), and various training materials for managers, engineers and students. He is the creator of MUST (Multilevel Universal System Thinking). Gregory is the author of six patents and has published about thirty articles in the firelds of TRIZ and Value Engineering. He holds a M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from P Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel.
Gregory Frenklach made an enormous contribution to the development of the new system of Inventive Principles used by Guided Brainstorming as well as the development of the GB software. 


    Len Kaplan, Certified GB TRIZ Leader

Len Kaplan was first trained in TRIZ in 1980. Since 1988, he was working as a professional TRIZ consultant. Since 1995, he worked as an innovation consultant, trainer and facilitator in Ideation International Inc., Pretium Consulting LLC and OutCompete LLC. Starting in 2010, Len has been working in South Korea for Samsung.
Currently, Len Kaplan is implementing the GB TRIZ approaches, methods and techniques at Samsung TechWin.
Len Kaplan has been a friend and colleague of Sergey and Galina Malkin since 1987, working together to develop a number of applications and methodologies for modern TRIZ. 




 Konstantin Kulikov, Certified GB TRIZ Leader

Magnitogorsk, Russia
BusinessTRIZ consultant - classic TRIZ and Guided Brainstorming in business management, marketing, and advertising.
Representative in the Ural Region from the Key Technologies of TRIZ, LLC based in Novosibirsk, Russia (V. G. Sibiryakov, director).
Author of the concept for the integral technology ConVIn™ (A TRIZ-based conveyor of innovation), co-authored by V.G. Sibiryakov, PhD. 
Author of the Diversified Advertising Analysis algorithm and other TRIZ developments.


  David Gleiser, Certified GB TRIZ Professional

David Gleiser is the founder of Gleiser Consulting a long time partner of GB Triz.  Mr. Gleiser was a University Professor at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) for over 20 years during which he contributed substantially to the development of Colombian leadership through the training of executives and managers in Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution.  Parallel to his academic career he excells as an organizational consultant and has served both as an executive and as consultant for top tier organizations in the realm of the improvement of their work methods and the development of innovative strategies. Lately David has worked as a senior advisor to colombian government officials in the realm of Innovation and Policy and Program development for innovation management. He has worked as a facilitator in Open Innovation challenges employing the GB TRIZ core methodology and obtained recognition and awards in doing so.  Through his consulting firm he has helped develop GB TRIZ methods and practices in the Spanish Language and supports GB TRIZ Strategy for Spanish Speaking audiences. David also translated one of the GB TRIZ innovation companion software programs, "La Ruta de Inventor", into Spanish.


  Andrey Nechiporenko, Computer Engineer

Andrey Nechiporenko completed a TRIZ seminar in 1984 under the leadership of G. Altshuller, I. Vertkin, B. Zlotin, S. Litvin, and V. Gerasimov. 
1984-1991 he was teaching at the Dnepropetrovsk Public University of Technical Sciences.
He has since been teaching and implementing TRIZ and creativity techniques in a variety of companies and educational establishments. 
Developer of GB Light and GB Pro. 
Specializes in TRIZ education, computer education systems, and computarization of TRIZ systems.


    Yuri Danilovsky, PhD, Certified GB TRIZ Facilitator

Yuri Danilovsky is a TRIZ Master and has been working for many years in various fields of engineering and innovation. The past 10 years, he has been working in South Korea, implementing TRIZ in a large variety of engineering projects and training seminars for various companies. He is participating in the governmental program of implementing TRIZ in South Korea. Since 2013, he has been actively studying and using the GB methodology and he participated in the GB project in Colombia in 2014. 


  Nicolas Hurtado, Certified GB TRIZ Facilitator

Started his professional track by obtaining his Mechanical Engineering degree in the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), after which he proceeded to work for 8 years in positions of: project manager, product manager, business development manager and regional manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. Following his passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership, he received his title as Ontological Coach in the program "The Art of Business Coaching" and has since helped top managers and leaders gain skills in leadership and public speaking, the purpose of which is produce improvement and innovation in the companies' culture.
To stregthen his innovation tools, he trained intensively and obtained certification as a Guided Brainstorming Facilitator, where he simultaneously trained and facilitated the innovation process for several companies in a government innovation project in Colombia in 2014. Nicolas was able to use GB TRIZ to its full capacity working with highly diverse industries such as plastics, software development, accountability technology, logistics & events, biology labs, etc.


  Juan Guillermo Sanchez, Certified GB TRIZ Facilitator

Juan Guillermo Sanches is a Business Administrator at CESA Business School in Colombia. He is an entrepreneur and an executive with over 25 years of experience in administration and high level management, working with companies in various fields including: Consumer Products, Telecommunications, Entertainment Industry, Petroleum, Home Care, Airlines, Strategic Consulting, and others. Juan has experience with project development and implementation.
Juan Guillermo Sanchez began his work with Guided Brainstorming during our project in Colombia in 2014. He was certified as a GB Facilitator and guided several companies from various industries throughout the project.


  Isabela Tenorio Obando, Certified GB TRIZ Facilitator

Isabela Tenorio Obando received a degree in Psychology from the Pontifica Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. She worked for three years in the health care field, working with patients suffering from various types of dementia, their families and caregivers. Since 2011, she has been working in the field of employee development and organization, improving employees' social and emotional skills and aligning their processes with the company strategy. She currently holds the title of Gestalt Therapists and is applying this knowledge and experience in her work with various clients.
Isabela received her GB TRIZ Facilitator certification during the Guided Brainstorming project in Colombia in 2014. Combining her professional experience and natural charm, she was able to create a unique environment, which allowed the participants to quickly become familiar with the training materials and find innovative ideas for their project concepts.


  Carlos Restrepo, Civil Engineer, Marketing Specialist, Consultant, Certified GB TRIZ Facilitator

Carlos Restrepo has over 20 years experience helping Colombian Companies develop export plans as a consultant. He is an experienced business manager of national and multinational companies such as: Megriweld (Colfax – Esab), Acesco, Fiberglass, USA Global Market , Proexport Colombia, Lincoln Electric, and more.
Board of Directors member in Camacol Atlantico, Acodal and Uniandinos, BITs Americas.
Carlos began his certification in TRIZ as a participant in one of the companies of our 2014 Colombia project by receiving his GB TRIZ Practicioner certification. He then showed interest in further education in the GB methodology. After receiving his GB TRIZ Professional certification, he became an active member of our team of facilitators working with the rest of the companies involved in the project. 


  Ivan Klochko, Web Designer and Developer

Ivan is the director of "i1group" - a web design and development company based in Magnitogorsk, Russia. He specializes in the development and design of websites and web-based applications. 
Ivan is a personal growth coach and studies psychology.
He has created and developed the current Guided Brainstorming website and continues to actively provide support and impovement for our web services.