Business Process Redesign

Business Process Redesign is a specialized segment of our methodology, which was developed for implemetation in non-technical industries, such as Sales, Management, Marketing and Public Relations. The methodology is used for finding new opportunities and capabilities for the business, especially in interdepartmental relations. Organized into a structured process, the methodology allows us to discover hidden resources and therefore find a large number of new, unique solutions.


The most effective way for your experts to become familiar with the methodology is through completing Sample Projects, assisted by experienced TRIZ specialists and accompanying GB Software. This combination leads to a significant increase in the quantity and quality of ideas. For well-defined problems, it is enough to complete the GB TRIZ Practitioner™ certification.


Business Process Redesign starts by defining the desired improvements, developing criteria for evaluating effectiveness and creating an Ideal Image of the desired process. Next, we build a function model of the existing business process. The function model is tested for correctness by the people involved in the process. This testing reveals internal problems and contradictions. Each employee reports problems, with which he is faced during the business process and they are added to the function model. After this, we hold sessions of Guided Brainstorming Idea Generation, using the GB Inventive Principles system. Guided Brainstorming specialists spent a lot of time and energy to develop a system of Inventive Principles, which can be applied to systems of any nature and industry, not just technical issues and problems. The proposed ideas are then evaluated and integrated into concepts for a new business process. 


Using the Guided Brainstorming Method for Business Process Redesign, you can:

  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current process
  • Eliminate unnecessary work
  • Improve the conformity of the business process to its requirements
  • Reduce the reaction time of the process
  • Reduce cost of process
  • Make employees familiar with the new process by making them participate in its development


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