About Us

Guided Brainstorming LLC is a Michigan based company. We provide software products and trainings to increase the level of innovation and creativity using our proprietary Guided Brainstorming™ Methods derived from combining TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), Systems Approach and extended FAST (Function Analysis System Technique).


Our mission is the continued improvement of our methods and software to better satisfy our partners and clients.


Galina Malkin, President

1986 M.S. Biology - Simferopol State University (Tavrida University)

Galina first encountered TRIZ at a seminar of G. Altshuller. From that point, not only did she use TRIZ in her scientific work as a molecular biologist, but she also taught TRIZ to different age groups ranging from pre-school to college students and business personnel. Her programs were used to teach pre-school students in Latvia SSR. She has worked as a biologist at the University of Michigan, Cayman Chemical, Pfizer, and Wayne State University.



Yevgeniy Malkin, Training and Sales Manager, GB TRIZ Facilitator

2011 BBA – University of Michigan, USA

Yevgeniy is one of the specialists at Guided Brainstorming, working on the development of training programs and materials for the GB TRIZ Practitioner and GB TRIZ Professional levels. He maintains and develops the GB TRIZ company website. Yevgeniy is also responsible for communication with clients and coordinating projects.




Hanna Mitsel, TRIZ Analyst

2003 Master of Veterinary Sciences - Dnepropetrovsk State Agrarian University, Ukraine

Hanna began her work with TRIZ in 2008, when she worked as a TRIZ Analyst at NPP ORBITA. Her work with GB TRIZ started in 2010. She is working on developing the next generation of the GB Companion software applicable to the veterinary field using the latest research in TRIZ methods. Hanna is also assisting in the development of the Guided Brainstorming 4 Kids program, adapting and developing a methodology for teaching TRIZ to preschool and elementary school aged children.